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Our latest work is presented here. We've worked with over 50 clients in different industries, all with exeptional experiences.

Premium website design


The team worked alongside Dr Ginni to design a website that not only connects with her followers but also puts her ahead of the competition for broadcasting opportunities.


An elegant website design created with our custom CMS that matches the client's personality.

Logo Design

Designed a logo that represents her image.



We worked with You Health & Nutrition Science to increase their overall sales by creating content (photo, videos & graphics) & managing social media posts to increase brand awareness.

Scheduled Posts

We scheduled posts every week on social media to retain and increase engagement.

Increased Sales

Sales increased through the use of high quality content.

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The development team were tasked with revamping the Malibu Boats dealers page. We innovated a table into eye catching cards with single click call to actions.

Rapid Development

Our designers and developers worked seamlessly to deliver this project with efficency and attention to detail.

Traffic Increase

Created ways to generate traffic for Malibu dealership's websites.

Malibu Boats

Premium website design


We were given the green light to design the whole brand, illustrations, website and logo. In this project, we decided to retain the shape of the old logo while modernizing it through creating a whole new color pallete, website and design style.

Amazing graphics

A unique user experience and design to the website with information that is easy to access for clients.


Our new design has initiated a whole new design style in the server hosting industry.

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We developed a simple and intuitive one-page design for Kustom Tints Albury to convey information on their business & services to clients. This simple design was inspired to follow a high conversion layout.

Simple One-page design

A unique feel and design to the website with information that is easy to access for clients.


An effective high conversion website affordable with a small budget.

Kustom Tints

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Scots School Albury

We created a short 30 second Television Commercial to highlight the junior school class programs at The Scots School Albury.


We created a script which highlighted important points.


We incorporated visuals that deliver the message effectively.

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After two months of digital advertising with $1000 ad budget, we ran a total of 26 ads, producing leads that turned to profits.

High Conversions

The ads reached 60,000 people within the local area generating 18 leads.

High Turnover

Each lead converting to over $10,000 each in revenue, dramatically increasing profit margins.

R+M Builders

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Cabinet Coatings

Premium website design

We were tasked with creating a unique, new and improved website for Albury Cabinet Coatings. Our web developers designed a website that is easy to use for potential customers while having an intuitive back-end system that they can use to manage & edit their websites even without knowing how to code.

Custom CMS

A custom-tailored website that suits a clients every need.

Full Back-end

Includes an "invite only" dashboard and a public & private catalogue with easy email-based sharing.

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We wrote, shot & edited a short TVC for local business Albury Travel. Albury Travel wanted to showcase how customers can book a holiday with them. Using local actors, we created a TVC that pushes this message. The finished video has been showcased at the Regent Cinemas & on Social Media.

Quick Turnaround

From the initial enquiry to handing in the finished video, the turnaround was 3 weeks.

Visual Storytelling

We used eye-catching footage to maintain viewer attention.

Albury Travel

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