Mad Marketing - Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Express complex ideas that would otherwise be hard to communicate through copy and flat images by bringing your ideas to life with animation.

Premium website design


The team worked along side EBM to create content for their first official campaign. All great video content needs a great logo animation and because EBM uses a tennis ball to help push their message, the logo animation turned out awesome.


Forging Excalibur

Forging Excalibur knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted the animation to be seen by the viewer. The team not only reached expectations but smashed it out of the water.

A logo animation was something the team needed for advertising campaigns, BBB had no ideas so we came up with a concept and we went and ran with it.

Black Barrel Barbecue

IMCO Australasia

IMCO Australasia needed a final touch for their website and as they manufacture concrete products, this animation was spot on.